My dad always traveled for job. International calls weren't accessible then, so I on the other side of the world would write him letters and make greeting cards. I always believed in the concept of postcards and handwritten letters, though my handwriting looks like a toddler's scribble. 
This was when I came across Postcrossing on one of the handles in Instagram. This website offers you to share postcards, magnets and handwritten letters across the world. The idea of sharing little things with strangers brings in joy for me. Here is a collection of my favorites from round the globe.
Beautiful Vintage Ballerina(Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre) ~ from Moscow, Russia.
Says, "It is my dream to travel in one of the Cathedrals Express" ~ from United Kingdom
Floral Greetings ~ from Taiwan.
"In philately, there are some things that are more valuable than other. The card that you hold is called Maxicard. This is one of the top of the line in philately". The vibrant card of Varanasi City ~ from Atlanta