T-shirt Gladius
Gladius - perhaps one of the most recognizable swords of antiquity. The elite of all the armies of pre-Christian era used this perfect weapon. Gladius was popular with the Spartans, the Roman and Greek heavy infantry. In the hands of skilled soldiers, they diminish fast and deadly attacks, but its length allowed to fight only in the most glorious close combat. Also experienced legionaries were able to fence them, with the same skill as a hack, cut or chop. Most popular weapon of the legioners.
T-shirt Legio
Legion - the basic organizational unit in the army of ancient Rome. Legion consisted of 5000 (later in 4320), and several hundred cavalary units. Each legion had a number and a name. History has preserved for us some 50 names and serial numbers of the legions. But more important for us today is that after centuries the word "Legion" evokes images of the most persistent and disciplined warriors of antiquity, who managed to conquer the pre-Christian world.
T-shirt Crown
Sieging towns and ancient castles has always been a difficult and bloody enterprise. Therefore, encouraging the first to climb the ramparts, commanders gave awards in the shape of turrets or or towers or crowns.
T-shirt Mars
The warriors of ancient Rome worshiped God of war Mars. He preserved them in the fight, gave strength and fury in battle, as well as a good loot.