the book of soil

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  • the book of soil
  • A selection of pages from , an experimental book- and paper-making project.
    The content is related to my own ongoing interest in life cycles, decomposition, and the often overlooked world beneath our feet. I have a nearly religious reverence for decomposers, and the idea that the vehicle through which we achieve a very real (if only physical) immortality is the lowest of life forms, who go about their work indiscriminately and with no expectation of praise in return. I hope that this book communicates some part of the flawless grace of that reciprocal arrangement, and that the knowledge of it can be as comforting to others as it is to me.

    All paper is handmade with a combination of fibers including flax, kozo, gampi, abaca, and self-harvested cattails, and a number of pigments and additives. The book has an exposed hardcover binding and measures 4.5"x6". The illustrations were drawn directly with ink, and the text added via image transfer.
  • Best piece of knowledge gained: Pillbugs are terrestrial crustaceans, and they breathe through gills.