ANLAUFFARBEN* is a research on colours, their materialism and relativity. 

We do not often experience pure colours without an object in a real world, therefore colours have a feeling of something substantial for us. In this pattern paint is perceived as liquid colour, but actually it is not. We do not bear in mind that colours are not real, that they purely are result of work of senses and mind. In this project the light interference effect is used to get "colours without colours". The same effect appears on soap bubbles, gas spills, metal or mineral surfaces. Using only black background and transparent film it is possible to capture non-existing colours and patterns in another form. Each "print" is accidental and therefore unique. 

The project consists of two parts: Stone and Paper, 3D and 2D. Objects require interaction with a viewer as the effect can only be observed from certain viewpoints and with the certain lighting.

* Anlauffarben is a German word for the light interference effect on metals.

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