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Easy Way To Screen Prospective Tenants
In this article, we will shed some light on how to screen potential tenants to help save you some time and money. It is very important for both parties involved with any rental situation to ensure that it is the right decision to move forward. It will help the landlord or property manager to know if the prospective tenants are a good fit for the property in question. A simple screening can be done when talking to the tenants to see if its worth for both parties to move forward on showing the property. 

The first tip when someone calls in regards to the property in question is to ask them simply would you like to know about the property. This will allow you to gauge their answer as well as reaction in tone and reaction time. If they seem to stutter or take a few seconds to answer this can be one negative sign. You are looking for confidence as well as a clear speaking person who is interested in all the information about the property. This will give you the opportunity to tell them about anything that may be a deal breaker and find out what is important to them as well. This is a great way to know if it is worth making an appointment and showing the property rather than blindly meeting up and showing it right away.

Once you have asked them the first question and they seem confident in wanting to know about the property, then it's time to discuss any and all terms of the rental agreement. During this part of the conversation, it is a good time to talk about what rent will cost, deposits and pet policies. Anther important aspect to cover at this time are utility cost and whether or not they are included. You may also want to ask them if they are looking for a home with a dishwasher or a certain number of bedrooms.
If all of the information above is covered and you feel confident in moving forward its time to now make them aware of all qualifications and standards for the home. Most rental agreements state that the unit must be kept clean and that you will not be disturbing other tenants if there may be others close by. Another good thing to be sure of is can the prospective tenants afford this unit. For example, if they make 1500 a month but rent is 2500 this would be a good time to let them know that they do not qualify.
In conclusion, after you have covered this it is a good time to let them talk and ask any questions they may have. It is a good thing to ask if they do have any if they do not ask you, this will help everyone involved be clear on the whole situation. Renting a place to new people can be a lot of work for sure these screening tips we shared with you today can help you take some of a headache out of the process. By talking to them using this process of elimination you can make sure that they are a good fit for the prospective tenants you are looking for.