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    About WHITE REX
White Rex is a russian youth clothing and sports equipment brand founded on 14.08.08. In addition to supplying sportswear and sports equipment, White Rex organizes sports tournaments and cultural events, sponsors individual fighters, and supports music bands; a good portion of the overall revenues goes to good causes! White Rex is a sports and cultural project that brings together people with similar views and beliefs — there are no outsiders.
 Over a relatively short period of time White Rex has gone a long way from a young and ambitious project to the leading brand with a renowned name and good reputation. Today, White Rex has become an integral part of Russian terraces, rings and GYMs, whereas White Rex sports equipment and activities receive ever-increasing media coverage. White Rex is equally present on the music scene, organizing cultural and entertainment events in collaboration with such music bands as Moshpit, Brainwash, 25/17, YouMustMurder, etc.
White Rex gives special attention to the visual presentation matters – a whole team of web- and graphic-artists covers different aspects of design process. White Rex does not only strive for an appealing apparel design, but also produces high-quality media material, professional photo-sets, original posters, website and, of course, promotional videos that have become so popular on the Internet. In addition to supplying sportswear and sports equipment, White Rex assists its friends, such as Roman Zentsov, RFC (Russian Fight Club), various firms of football fans and many sports clubs in the organization of sports events. However, the main White Rex sports initiative is the mix-fight tournament - The Warrior Spirit