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    Design and Dissent campaign
My campaign concept was based on a piggy back of the existing American Feminism campaign, “This Is What Feminism Looks Like” . This was a very publised and generalised campaign which while calling for more members, also educated more people to the constitution of feminism of what they fight for. The campaign thrived more on social networks, where anybody could place a picture of themselves with the title “This Is What Feminism Looks Like” and just lime that, could be extending the message to more people. This was a very successful campaign.

Using this idea would fit perfectly into what I was trying to achieve as I was to illustrate that feminists need to unite. To cater to this, I would take pictures of the most random characters, and state that anybody can be a feminist, and one can never really tell, but all members should be accepted and not discriminated against. I planned to take pictures of both genders, all races, and from all kinds of cultural backgrounds; and have the strapline saying “This Is What Feminism Looks Like.”