Photo book "Afterlife"
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"Afterlife" is a photo book about molds. Heikki Leis has been photographing molds for over 10 years and now this data has been compiled into a book that includes a lot of old photos but also never before published material. It is an interesting macro-world that conceals its beautiful textures and colors. Molds can often scare people but this book will prove that mold-scapes can be very captivating and attractive.

In addition to the photos the book includes texts - the author's story about how and why he has photographed this subject. Added is an article by the American mycologist Dr. Kathie D. Hodge and an essay about life after death by the thanatologist Karl Käsnapuu. The book is both in Estonian and English.

In 2011 I uploaded the first batch of these photos on Behance. Thanks to the popularity here the photos started getting world-wide attention and were published in WIRED, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Huffington Post and many art and science blogs. 
As a new approach for the book I began carving the vegetables and then letting them mold. I mainly used turnips for this purpose. In this post I am showing these sculptures and close-ups to the wonderful world of molds.
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