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    I've asked to design the Visual Identity for Taiwan designers' week since 2008. Every year that I've tried something new in this event, the even… Read More
    I've asked to design the Visual Identity for Taiwan designers' week since 2008. Every year that I've tried something new in this event, the event getting bigger and bigger. Read Less
Flow with design energy: 2012 Taiwan Designers' Week
In every international metropolis where design industries are flourishing, such as Tokyo, Milan, New York, London and Hong Kong, design exhibitions are regularly held to present the countries' style and features and to enhance business opportunities and international exchanges. But the 40-year development of Taiwan's industrial design did not make its first step until 2007, when non-governmental groups first to organized "Taiwan Designers' Week," the largest annual designer event so far in the domestic market. Taiwan Designers' Week this year is the first one held jointly with the city government in the EXPO Dome of Taipei Flora Expo Park. It brings together more than 500 designers, over 100 brands and groups showcasing their designs from September 14 to September 23.
The main theme of Designers' Week this year is "Flow ─ The Power of Forward," which means a continuous flow of the never-ending creativity of Taiwanese designers. Ten different "theme zones" are strung together by the word "flow:" Flow in Phenomenon, Flow in Memory, Flow in Environment and Flow in Methodology. Flow in Phenomenon helps people to reflect on what is happening in society. Some designers are focusing on smartphones this year, exploring how the prevalence of smartphones has positively or negatively impacted people's lives.
Flow in Memory aims at using design to explore issues related to local life and culture, promoting cultural awareness and creation of life aesthetics. One of the displays, "The Period of Time 2 ─ Old Cinemas," shows designers' objectives in preserving sub-cultures and highlighting the importance of communicating and sharing memories with older generations. Flow in Environment sees the possibilities of incorporating environment friendly designs into daily life. One of the designs, "City Love Bird," makes the city more livable to birds. Power boxes and electric poles are redesigned so that birds can rest. Flow in Environment is an attempt to raise the awareness of the importance of ecological life.
Flow in Methodology, which is relatively experimental, explores design elements and methods such as cutting and molding. One of the exhibits, "Reflection," utilizes traditional paper-cutting arts and light in order to emphasize the passion and attitude of the designers toward life. "Re_Form," another display, simplifies the designs to basic shapes of circles, squares and triangles. The designers hope to return to the purest nature of design, pursuing the core essence that is innovation.
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