Suguday Restaurant

Suguday gastrobar is a joint project of the Bulldozer Group and Rena Mamedova. Free of any excessiveness, the restaurant offers an excellent European interior and superb fish cuisine. It serves Northern fishes, and prefers local products supplied by Russian producers.

Suguday is an ancient word of the Northern peoples of Russia. Translated from the Enets language, "Sugudat" means "to eat raw fish". The dish tastes something like the European tartar or carpaccio, Japanese sashimi or South American ceviche — fresh sea fish gets chopped, salted, drained in sauce, and served with brown bread.

Challenge and Solution

We designed its corporate style and logo, deriving inspiration from the Karelian patterns and catchy color combinations. We selected the exploded view of a fish and lemon for its logo to clearly communicate over to the customers what to expect from the restaurant.

The restaurant keeps its doors wide open for its guests, pleasing them with an excellent cuisine and serene atmosphere. Whenever you are around Petrovka, be sure to stop by Suguday!
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