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“Ask Alex” Author Interview 2017
A fun little ask-the-author video for your watching pleasure. Keep reading for the full Q+A interview.
Video:  Ask Alex
©2017 Alex Mitchell

Q:  What was your favorite color as a kid?
A:  Yellow.

Q:  What was your favorite animal as a kid?
A:  Without a doubt, horses.
Q:  What did you want to be when you were little?
A:  Mostly a detective, sometimes a teacher, and always a superhero.
Q:  What would your ten-year-old self say to you now?
A:  Can we go outside and play already!

Q:  What were you afraid of when you were little?
A:  Scary monsters and witches.
Q:  Where did your monsters hide?
A:  Under my bed.
Q:  What childhood event left a lasting impression on you and inspired you to be an artist?
A:  Seeing The Sound of Music performed live by school kids. It was magic to me.

Q:  What was your favorite movie when you were growing up?
A:  The Sound of Music, Grease, Westside Story.

Q:  What would you be if you couldn’t be a writer or artist?
A:  Probably a clothing designer. Sometimes I dream about being a dancercise instructor.
Q:  What was your favorite book when you were little?
A:  Die Grosse Reise Mit Opa Und Stiefel (by Scapa from 1972). It was bigger than I was. And it had pages to color
     in. Too cool.
Q:  What did you like to read when you were a teenager?
A:  Detective stories.

Q:  What five words best sum you up?
A:  Happy, lucky, shiny, itchy, picky.

Q:  What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
A:  I paint and sew stuff.
Q:  What is your greatest fear?
A:  Running out of time.

Q:  What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
A:  To have a whole day to myself to stay in my pajamas at home and read a book from cover to cover while eating
      cookies and drinking coffee in bed.

Q:  What do you do that you think everyone else should do, too?
A:  I try to feel lucky and grateful every day. You know, just happy to be alive.

Q:  What do you NOT do that you highly recommend?
A:  I don’t worry about making a fool out of myself. Life is just too damn short.
“Ask Alex” Author Interview 2017

“Ask Alex” Author Interview 2017

Animated paper dolls serve to give answers to a series of ask-the-author questions in this illustrated interview.

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