Charles Bukowski Book Series
For Typo2 classes we have to design a series of 4 books for an author.
I chose Charles Bukowski and his short novels about sex, women and alcohol. Bukowski was an alcoholic, he spend most of his life drinking and being a kind of homeless, dirty clothes, long beard... He usually wrote his short novels drunk, so the story comes from his unstable state of mind, the story comes from the alcohol.

So I choose 4 different alcoholic drinks: Whiskey, Rhum, Wine and Absinth and I put the handwritten title into the shape of their bottles to create a series.
The books were:
- Notes of a dirty old man.
- Tales of ordinary madness.
- Confessions of a man insane enough to live with beasts.
- Erections, ejaculations, exhibitions and general tales of ordinary madness.