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 Travel photographs by Rob Sheridan.
Tokyo is easily my all-time favorite city to visit. Every time I go there I immerse myself in endless exploration and always discover new and amazing things. On my most recent trip I finally visited the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market, and was blown away by its enormity. I ate at a prison-themed restaurant, stopped in at my favorite vintage gaming store, saw the giant Gundam robot, and, thanks to a friend at Pink Tentacle, discovered an absolutely incredible vintage shopping mall in Odaiba. Walking through another culture's nostalgia is surreal to say the least.
Sunrise over Shibuya.
Tsukiji Fish Market.
Giant tuna auctions at the Tsukiji Fish Market.
A prime tuna can sell for around $20,000 USD.
An auction winner carts away his prize.
Tsukiji Fish Market.
Tsukiji Fish Market.
Tsukiji Fish Market.
Tsukiji Fish Market.
Above the Japanese coast, with Tokyo visible in the distance.
Tokyo Bay.
A vintage arcade in Odaiba.
Old Pachinko machines at a vintage arcade in Odaiba.
A vintage arcade in Odaiba.
A vintage arcade in Odaiba.
Vintage shopping mall in Odaiba.
"Uncle Sam."
Sunrise over Shinjuku.
Akihabara, "Electric Town," a geek's shopping paradise.
Browsing vintage video games at "Super Potato" in Akihabara, a mecca for retro gaming.
Vintage Famicom (the Japanese equivalent of NES) cartridges at Super Potato in Akihabara.
Vintage Nintendo consoles for sale at Super Potato in Akihabara.
Super Potato's top floor is a makeshift arcade featuring classic games.
Playing classic games at Super Potato's arcade.
A chair built out of old Famicom cartridges at Super Potato.
A jail cell dining room at "Alcatraz," a mental hospital theme restaurant in Shibuya.
The kitchen at Alcatraz theme restaurant.