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    A visualization of Nils Frahm's track, Do.
Do could be:

The first musical note, the basis of the creation or just a strong point of reference
The verb to Do, which means the constant flow and movement of everything, and the act itself of doing is the basis for everyting
The ancient way to call the Musical note Do was Ut, which in latin is the preposition that involves a final clause. a final clause, in linguistic is a clause that expresses purpose for something, so it's dynamic, it's the basis of the motivations which push everything to be whatever it is, that's the reason of the basic world's question, the simple question that can always have an answer: Why.

I made this project as a visualization of Nils Frahm's track "Do", when i hear that composition i can just think about the sense of loss that i feel, and the fact that when i'm sad or tired or surrender, i always feel the sense of movement inside of me, and this gives me the power to go on and follow my dreams, expectations and hopes. I think that even you can feel lost on your way, you always have to think that that is your way, and deep inside of you you can find the reasons that allow you to go on.
Maybe it's a little bit childish, but i strongly believe in this, as i strongly believed in Santa Claus once.