The FinStory franchise is about stories away from the field. It can come from a player, fan, or anyone who has a great story on how the Miami Dolphins impact their lives.  Because the theme here is "stories", we felt it would be interesting to bring a literature influence to the identity. To achieve this, episodes are renamed as Chapters and titles often reflective of novels.  Using a lot of white, the bright photography helps emphasize hope as each Chapter has an uplifting ending. 

The Life is a vertical video series that features the life of players off the field. One of the first shots from the series is of New York City; the texture, varying sizes, and overlapping depth of the buildings inspired the logo and type treatments for The Life. 

The Grind series captures the hard work that goes into building a team. From position specific breakdowns at Training Camp to making the first round Draft pick, there's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in building the 53 man roster. Since The Grind is all about football, the identity needed to feel like it was built on the gridiron. This is the only time we used a slab-serif font in our design; a throwback to old school, grind-it-out football aesthetics. 

The Audible is a mobile interactive podcast that brings fans all the need to know points leading up to game day.  Sometimes shot in studio, and sometimes on the sidelines, there's lots of special guests that make appearances as well. The logo was designed as a nod to a football audible call made at the line of scrimmage with different moving parts. 

Dolphins Daily is your quick dose of daily news surrounding the team and operations. The black and white graphics designed to be more reflective of a news station than a "football show". There's also the sister franchise Dolphins Internacional which is targeted to a Spanish speaking audience. 

Miami Dolphins Video Franchise Identities