This is a place of ideas. A place of celebration and commiseration. 
The Visual Communication class of 2017 have sought its doors and 
discourse many times. Where opinions act as intellectual currency 
and conversation flows as freely as anything else. The final forum 
in our screen obsessed society and a service open to all who need 
it. Where students become teachers, and the teachers become students. 
It is a hub of creativity and open discussion. A place to sit, and listen, 
and share. Everyone is welcome here.

VC2017 presents Imbibe, an accompanying publication to the 
Visual Communication Graduate Show 2017. Imbibe focuses 
on the relationship between the pub and designers, especially 
that between the National College of Art and Design graduating 
class of 2017 and the pubs surrounding the college in Dublin 8. 

During the week of the Graduate Show, Imbibe hosted its launch 
in the form of a design-themed pub quiz. Design students and 
professionals were invited to engage in a celebration of design 
and conversation in the welcoming setting of the Jug—a pub on 
Francis Street, Dublin 8 which was frequented by the students. 
A number of design studios from Dublin competed amongst the 
Visual Communication class, using the allocated pages of Imbibe 
to write their answers. 

A golden pint glass was awarded to the winning team, and after 
the quiz ended, design continued to be discussed as friendships 
were formed and the conversation flowed until the pub closed 
its doors for the night.


VC2017 presents Imbibe, an accompanying publication to the Visual Communication Graduate Show 2017. The publication focuses on the relationship b Read More


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