Detoxification  解毒

Flowers, posture delicate, beautiful and brilliant. But did you ever think that it might be toxic? We have chosen to study a kind of flower that is beautiful, but contained lethal toxicity. Beautiful as their appearance, they are actually full of poison. However, this kind of flower can be use as traditional Chinese medicines that have great benefits to human body. They're not only toxic, but also full of medicinally properties. That's what we called "Detoxification".

Based on our knowledge to Chinese medicine, we divided those flowers into two different characteristics: cold and warm. Respectively, we collected them into two booklets, which included the illustrations of toxic flowers, the original appearance of flowers and the appearance after turning it into Chinese medicine. Also, we have written down the medicinal properties of toxic flowers, medicinal properties after turning it into materials and medicinal part.

Through illustrations, if the toxic flowers are able to combine with some specific organs, it means that the flowers can cure those organs. We picked some classic and contrast color to give prominence to our theme. We couldn't find any stable Chinese packages on the market. Therefore, we tried to use cans or glasses pack the medicine. Packing different kinds of medicine into different packages, patients are able to take the medicine due to their demands.