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This video tells the story of a journey inside oneself. On one hand, it reminds one of “Enter the Void” where the mystical look of the protagonist carries a viewer through a single night’s events. On the other hand, it’s a kaleidoscope made of memories of trips. Taking that feeling of movement I tried to bring that movement into the picture — from a railway station to Hong Kong’s neon-lit streets, from venues decorated under the influence of Twin Peaks to street lights of my hometown and the sky above them. It’s as if the photographer was the protagonist roaming the world on his own journey into the void.

We started this project more in late 2016, the idea came out of a technique I was developing in code. At one moment I took my friend’s photos — I really liked the colors and the fact that they had this mystical traveller’s spirit. When I got the first results I figured I should offer them to Moa Pillar. I made the first video and wasn’t happy with the texture. It took me some more time and a lot of hard drive space to be content. Over 700 gb, more than an hour of 4k content, several attempts and 60 photographs (most of which didn’t even make it to the final version).