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Patchwork (2017)

A flexible furniture system for cohabitation spaces.

Patchwork is our master project, developed at Designskolen Kolding.
The project starts from the analysis of the context of reception centres for homeless people and, in a perspective of inclusive design, aims to locate solutions to needs that can be identified in a wider range of situations.
Our challenge is to improve in an inclusive way the quality of life of different people in different contexts of cohabitation.
Patchwork provides an efficient solution to the needs of privacy, demarcation of a own space, personalization and organization of clothes and personal belongings.
The solutions that we designed are suitable for the dormitories of reception centers  for homeless people as well as for student residences, hostels and other cohabitation contexts.

Design team: Giulia Pesce, Ruggero Bastita
In collaboration with: Hans Thyge & Co; Politecnico di Torino, Department of Architecture and Design
The different panels are interchangeable and they can be accessorized so as to create 
different personal units in the shared cohabitation space.
During field studies in reception centers for homeless people and refugees in Italy, we observed as the facilities used often do not provide the possibility to organize and hang clothes in a functional way.
In public dormitories often is not possible to have any form of privacy between roommates.
In reception centers and dormitories, the keyholes of the closets often break or the keys are lost.
We designed a handle that allows users to protect their personal belongings using a padlock,
 but hides it with his shape so as to communicate to be in a safe environment, 
where you don’t see padlocks and chains all around you.
Blackboards are used in some reception centers to enable an interaction between users 
and provide a mean for expression.
In reception centers in Italy we observed how some homeless people tried to personalize their own space in the dormitory with personal belongings or decorations.
Patchwork can also be accessorized with a desk becoming a personal working unit for shared spaces.
Accessories can be just hanged to the system or fixed with a screw and a bolt.