"Petrică,  my little white bunny, with red eyes”

When Mihnea turns 6 years old, his parents give him, as a birthday gift, a little white bunny, with red eyes. His name was Petrică. Mihnea fels in love with him at once,he takes him everywhere he goes, in the park, playing, swimming. Sometimes when Mihnea does his homework, Petrică sleeps quietly in his lap. Petrică loves tulips, so that is why he prefers to sleep in the garden, in a little yellow house, with a red rooftop, made by Mihea's parents. On Christmas time, Petrică also receives presents, and on Easter time,he helps Mihnea picking up the red eggs from the garden. Mihnea and Petrică are inseparable. After four years, one day, the saddest day of them all, the boy finds the little yellow house... emty. 
Will Mihnea get over the loss of his friend?
Thank you! <3
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