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    Branding for eyewear brand of printing glasses on a 3D printer.

Million people — million faces. But how can you find your perfect fit?
W.eyes — eyewear brand of printing glasses on a 3D printer. You choose a model of glasses by using an app, customize it for yourself (color, shape, lenses), conduct an online fitting.
Pay for them online and receive by mail within 2 days. That's all. And this is your perfect fit.

Philosophy — create accessible glasses, which everyone can customize for themselves. For every day. And use only ecological materials.

Sketching & searching for ideas.

Identity & solutions.

The whole identity is defined by the style of illustrations, bright contrast colors and sign with handwritten lettering. The sign symbolizes the bridge of nose of human face to show the possibility of creating adaptive glasses for everyone.

Instead of making business cards it was decided to make a small brochure to individually salute every customer. To make people happier.


Packaging solutions.