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I Love Unicorn / 我爱独角兽
material:Traditional Chinese painting pigment and ink on  rice paper / 纸本设色
size:  112*89cm (44*35 inches)
Year of creation: 2017

I wanted to explore a dialogue about curiosity, anxiety and energy. Depending upon the way we grow up, sometimes we can lose our sense of freshness by way of a stressful life and monotonous routine. Nevertheless, there’s still an energy that inhabits our bodies, akin to the creative juice that flows through flowers. Unicorn’s have a universial concept about dreamland, creativity, fortune and joy. They evoke imagery filled with creative energy and narratives of mental landscapes. Unicorn’s remind us of our childhood dreams and direct our attention towards other perspectives and world views.

First time I got this idea when having coffee at Starbucks one afternoon.
Miss Rabbit's garden / 兔小姐的花园
material: Traditional Chinese painting pigment and ink on  rice paper / 纸本设色
size:  61*52cm (20*24 inches)
Year of creation: 2017
The rabbit figure comes from a very intuitive place. If you were to ask me “where did the rabbit come from exactly?” then I’d probably say from looking in the mirror, as it’s kind of a self-portrait, perhaps even a portrait of every individual. It dosen’t matter what a person looks like exactly, as the traits of personality and personal experience represent who we are. In this painting, Miss Rabbit wants a garden with jelly fish, mushrooms, flowers and bees… it’s all about different facets of internal thinking, therefore identifying who she is. So how about you? What do you want or what are you thinking? Hopefully it’s going to create an interreaction with the viewers through my art.
Container / 容器
material: Traditional Chinese painting pigments on rice paper / 纸本设色
size:  66*39cm (25*15 inches)
Year of creation: 2017

Exploring of our internal worlds meeting and merging with the external universe. It’s about the relationships between the two; self and surroundings; human beings and the world. Most of time we deal with ourselves. You may view most of my paintings as portraits; these portraits for me are about exploring the concept of the ‘container’. It’s a medium between the inside and outside. Our body is a container, connected to the outside world and our breath, blood, thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, etc. are the content; through this content we are able to experience life, and we are able to learn about art, the world or ourselves.