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    A visual journal I kept on a trip to New York. Many of the characters have since featured in separate artworks.
I thought I'd share some of the pages from a sketchbook I kept when I visited New York last year. It served as a visual diary as well as the usual idea generator.
Great times, great memories!
Airport doodle
Characters in departure lounge
On plane doodles
Quick sketches in the Lower East Side
Bleecker St and Crazy Central Park lady!
Manchild shopping with his mom
In the street and in the park
More street doodles
Lower Eastside characters
Midtown characters
Notes and postcard ideas to send home
More postcard ideas
Hipsters millin' about
Subway characters
Characters on the subway to Coney Island
More street characters and doodles
In the pub
In the pub
Lifelong dream - Chinese food from a box in NYC.
Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island ferry
Text and a pickle!
Plus a character from the ferry
Brooklyn doodles
Great day in Brooklyn
Characters on the High Line and Broadway
Subway character
Reworked doodles
Some notes.