Energo is a multi-platform app that tracks and summarizes data from the following health points:

HYDRATION                           ACTIVITY

These facets are the most easily and accurately tracked by today's technology and the most appealing to users.

The resistance to make use of energy is
caused my dehydration, poor sleeping habits,
low activity levels, and lack of meditation.

Energo is meant to be a quick interface, one that can provide the users which a lot without 
them having to turn on their phones. This is why the interface's main platform is a 
touch screen wall clock where users can see their Energo whenever they check the time.

Top Navigation I allows users to breakdown the elements of Energo. 

When in the hydration tab, the user can see exactly how much water their smart water bottle recorded that they drank for that day. When in the activity tab, the user can see how many steps they have taken throughout the day. These numerical values are useful for users who are accustomed to a numerical goals. 

All devices synced to the energo app become hydration clocks when the user is on this tab.

Because different users have different routines, Energo allows the customization of the Energo clock.

For users who are trying to improve their Energo during specific times, the adding of a time grab is available.

For users who want to be more aware of their Energo while at specific locations, Energo allows for a location grab. 

With this feature, users can compare their Energo and monitor their improvement based on specific times and locations. 

Humans are known for having trouble developing new habits which is why users 
have so much trouble sticking to health apps. Energo battles this with incentives. 
Users gain points for checking in on the app, improving their energo, 
responding to notifications with actions, and more!

One of the incentives of the app is the Energo game, an augmented reality game that is prompted when the user is being active. It serves as a fun way to prompt the  user to be more active by having them search and interact with hot spots. 
While in a hot spot, the user can gain points by responding to the commands jump and squat. 

1. Timer How much time left to finish the goal for the walk
2. Help Opens game instructions in detail
3. Progress Bar 
4. Directions Guides user towards hot spots
5. Command Tells the user to jump or squat
6. Hot Spots Delineates where the user should jump or squat
7. Points How many points gained from action
8. Highlighted Hot Spot Hot spot that already has been interacted with
*If the user doesn't jump high enough, the hot spot turns red and no points are gained

Users play the game for two reasons. To improve their Energo or to gain points. Since the interaction's main purpose is to improve the user's Energo, an analysis of the activity and its effects on their activity level is shown first when the game ends. Then the user can peruse their 'monetary' gains. This part of the interaction is what validates the game, the activity, and ultimately the Energo app.

1. Energo Analysis Graph with Energo improvements during game
2. Check Energo Button Takes user back to Energo home page to review
3. Overview of Gains Details for game points
4. Shop Button Takes user to the shop to use up gained points
5. Treasure Finds Shows if the user finds a treasure box that unlocks new faces to buy

Energo makes use of its data collection power to schedule notifications during times when users are most likely to pay attention along with fun facts that pertain to the occasion. By teaching them about the way hydration and activity affect their bodies in different times and settings, users always get something out of an Energo alert.

Energy will NEVER notify a user about their Energo levels unless the user is running really low on hydration or activity.

Good Morning

Energo knows when its users are up, whether that is because they set an alarm through the app or because they've been starting their activity steps at exactly 9am for days. The waking moment is when users are the most understanding of notifications because they are already expecting a list of messages and alerts. 

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Energo knows the weather and will use this information to provide its users with chances to improve their energo.


Energo will also use the incentive system to get users to improve their energo.

Did you know that humans can also over-hydrate. It's called Hyponatremia and it's deadly.
If Energo finds that its user is drinking too much water, an alert comes up inviting the user to learn more 
about the problem or to call their doctor, which when clicked takes the user to their mobile phone book app.

Energo's purpose is to get to know its user so that it can improve their hydration and activity habits. Although, Energo is smart, it is not all knowing! In order for Energo understand its user in a deeper level, Energo promises a quick experience, cute illustrations, and points to get users to share more about themselves.

Energo App

Energo App

Through incentives, gamification, smart alerts, and data tracking; Energo highlights the positive effects of activity and hydration leading users Read More