Porto City Theatre 2015 Programme Booklets
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    Porto City Theatre 2015 Programme Booklets

Porto City Theatre
2015 Programme Booklets

Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto City Theatre), through its two hubs — Rivoli and Campo Alegre — seeks to present a multidisciplinary programme intended for a wide range of latitudes and different kinds of audiences, carrying out a new and audacious strategy, implemented in 2014 under the umbrella of the Culture Department of the Porto City Hall. 

With the reopening of the City Theatre in September 2014, it became necessary to begin determining the visual communication matrix that would showcase the recently implemented programme strategies. Alongside White Studio, I was lucky to be a part of the project and consequently be responsible for designing the programme booklets that were to present the events scheduled for the new and anticipated 2015 season.

The goal was to achieve a visually steady language in accordance with the theatre's history and heritage, balanced with a contemporary twist that would simultaneously be accessible and appealing to various types of audiences.

Project Developed at White Studio from late November 2014 — early August 2015.