TCM Online Medical Diagnosis FAQ’s

We at Sanlida TCM Online Clinic understand that the traditional Chinese form of therapeutic treatment may seem strange and replete with subjectivities to many who are seeking for other natural and effective holistic ways of treatment and may have some questions or concerns you need us to address.

That is why we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions and answers in order to help you feel at ease as we begin this journey together. You can also browse through our website for a comprehensive information about us and of all our treatment methods.

Please see the following FAQ’s
What type of patients can you help

We help any type of patients from a simple cough to those who have being diagnosed with diseases that have no cure, patients who do not want to undergo surgical operations, patients who are convalescing in hospital after surgical operation, and individuals who are simply looking to improve their overall wellbeing that traditional Chinese herbal medicines can be used for.

Why do I need Chinese medicine diagnosis? 
How do you ensure that your diagnosis is accurate?

Following your detailed Medical Symptoms Checker you submit to us, our qualified traditional Chinese doctor will be able to write a precise medical reference report. In the event you are uncertain of your symptoms, you can upload photos, a video or a detailed statement describing all your symptoms.

Why do I need Chinese medicine What does the doctor need to inspect? Why do I need a tongue diagnosis? How long do I have to wait to receive a medical report from the doctor? How much does it cost? Why You Should Send the Photo of Your Tongue for Diagnosis
 The traditional Chinese medicinal system has some of the best cures for almost all known diseases and disorders. Most of the times this is the easiest way to get cured even for life threatening diseases.  Now with facility of tongue diagnosis that can be done through images sent form any place you can take advantage of the wonderful way of cure under the traditional Chinese medicine wherever you are.