Insoapropriate - A collection of inappropriate soaps

Insoapropriate is a collection of inappropriate soap, designed to cleanse the senses. These little geometric jewels, with exquisite colours and scents, are shaped to suggest inappropriate and even dangerous use. The warning: “do not use as intended” is very well indicated on the packaging. Natural, vegan, organic and handmade in the heart of Montreal by Faveur Soaps bio, this soap meets the challenge of creating a corporate gift by an unusual and unconventional agency.

Creative Director - Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Senior Art Director - Nadine Brunet
Marketing Director - Solène Lavigne-Lalonde
Coordinator - Alexandre Geoffrion
Copywriter - Thierry Faucher
3D Artist - Carolyne Joubert
Producer (video) - Marc Desjardins
Video - Thomas Fortier
Motion Designer (video) - Raphael Laflamme Thibault
Copywriter (video) - Melodie Karama
Product Manager (web) - Caroline Royer
Front-End Developer (web) - Maxime Daoust, Frédéric Landry
Photographer (box) - Thanh Pham
Artisan (Soaps) - Faveur savons bio
Molds - Robocut Studio

Photoshoot with models
Photographer - Mathieu Fortin, l'Éloi
Assistants - Drew Hadley, Jeremy Bobrow 
Producer - Karen Bond, l'Éloi
Assistant Producer - Thomas Salaun, l'Éloi
Make-up and Hairdresser - Jessica Lablanche, Folio
Models - Yemi, Angelica (Dulceo), Esther (Dulcedo)

Photoshoot without models
Photographer - Nik MIrus, l'Éloi
Assistant - Marc-Antoine Dubois
Producer - Karyne Bond, l'Éloi
Assistant Producer - Thomas Salaun, l'Éloi

Grand Prix Grafika 2018 - Special Project