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    ‘modern urban mobility’
It Takes Two _ Motorcycle-Inspired Urban Mobility

During my stint at Kiska, I was privileged to be part of the design team for Opel's RAK e Concept. In just six months, from initial sketch to running prototype, we designed and assembled Opel's RAK-e concept for the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

'In order to even more meet the needs of young people for excitement and affordability, Opel invited KISKA to join it in the search for an exciting electric vehicle that would interpret ‘modern urban mobility’ in a visionary way. The challenge was to package Opel’s exciting technologies and revolutionary design approach in an appealing experimental car study for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The result was an approach that eliminated traditional barriers between car and motorcycle design.' Text by Kiska
From the wooden box to the concept car:
A unique Making Of about the birth of the lightweight electric vehicle Opel RAK e