Starting from June 2017, Out Of The Loop is another 100 gifs in 100 days project, in collaboration with Alcinoo.
Every single gif is filled with some 80’s nostalgia, colorful childhood memories which borders fade between movies, videogames, toys, tv commercials and tv series, tactile sensations or just distant echoes of a (not so) distant past.
But exactly as our brain works, we quickly found out that what remains in our brains, what struck our imagination is something unique and peculiar, not directly connected with what actually happened, what we actually experienced.
the quiz.
I quickly realised that some of the gifs I was doing could become a funny movies quiz. Well, it’s not here! You can play the 30 Movies Gifs Quiz! Have fun!
We chose to set some strict rules to guide us in the creative process too. The gifs had to have some qualities:
- gradient
- looping
- 60fps
- 2 seconds long, 120bpm
- popping out from the borders

Gasta: "I’ve been asked few times why I wanted to do another 100 days project. Or actually why I even did the gastaloops in the first place.
I believe that the process of doing one animation every day for 100 days will make me and us better, it will improve my design siklls, it will tests me scheduling my days, it will force me to solve problems and being effective with my technical choices.
For years I’ve started and deleted my drawings, songs, animations, writings. And always the reason was that they weren’t good enough.
But with a 100 days project like this or my previous one, maybe each animation is not brilliant or perfect. But overall, after 100 days, it will be at least interesting.
We are not aiming to subvert the design world or to create something unique. We genuinely want to improve through a daily effort and progress.
Hope you’re going to follow us in our colorful journey!"

Check this project daily to see what we are going to create:
INSTAGRAM - TUMBLR - DRIBBBLE: Gastaalcinoo - INSTAGRAM: Gasta, alcinoo

See you tomorrow!
Out Of The Loop - 100 days project

Out Of The Loop - 100 days project