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Proposal for Prague City Gallery, which held an open design competition for their new visual identity, which I wasn't able to finish and send in time due my work on my dissertation work, that I was finishing at the time.

I still decided to finish the project and present the posters and visual ideas I had and create small case study, that would present my results so far.

Still work in progress, but the assignment was too good to pass on.

Check my dissertation project here

ichael Dolejš

Prague City Gallery
 – the second most significant art institution in the Czech Republic after the National Gallery in Prague – was established on 1 May 1963. It was assigned to collect, professionally protect, scientifically process and manage Czech art of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

You can read more about the gallery here
More about the design competition


The gallery itself have several building, that will all need their own branding version and that all store different exhibitions.

The buildings are:

The Municipal Library of Prague, 2nd floor
Troja Château
The Stone Bell House
Villa Bílek
The House of Photography
The Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace 


The museum itself changed their visual identity few times already and even if their current branding is still better than most of other galleries in Czech Republic, it started to show it's age.

My idea was to bring the essential feeling from the current mark and further evolve it to more robust design system, that could be further developed as the museum has more exhibitions.

Visual system:

The system itself is using sans-serif typeface called Poppins, which I liked for its uniform look and difference between Light, Regular and Bold cuts.

I would love to work with great Czech typographer on better typeface, but for now, this is what I'm using.


Main idea:

I used the diagonal idea from the current logo and stretched the line this way. This idea could be than transformed to other use cases, either on posters or even to different versions of the logo altogether and act as a modular system, where everything in this style would be recognizable and easily associated with the gallery.

My goal was also to create a visual system, that would be simple enough and great base for other designers to work with for future exhibitions and events. I think the exhibitions itself are the main artwork for each poster, so the visual design shouldn't come in it's way and rather support it.

"The visual design shouldn't stand in the way, but rather support it".

The system could be used to suit any event and exhibition, where the diagonal lines could always intersect with the artwork and create a visible pattern, which connects everything together.

Still work in progress, but looking to update and work on the project as I will have more time. This project was created while procrastinating, since I should really be studying for my final exams of my Master's degree.


Thanks for watching.



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GHMP – Visual Identity ideas

GHMP – Visual Identity ideas

Proposal for Prague City Gallery, which held an open design competition for their new visual identity, which I wasn't able to finish and send in Read more


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