Create a book editorial with a literary theme like: fantasy, drama, horror or suspense. The client has the budget to cover only the typography, so other elements like photos, illustrations or colour printing are out, leaving the printing to be only in black and white. The book must be pocket size to economize expenses. The design have to follow the same graphic line but at the same time each one of them have to differentiate among the others book on the line and be faithful to their own story.


The design of the editorial line about science fiction and fantasy call “Astairc”. As the budget only covers typography expenses we chose the Scala font family, appreciating all of the variants and visual attractiveness related to fantasy.

The book's covers illustrations were made with the font Scala, just as the patterns and the graphic elements that fulfill a decorative function inside and out the books.

The illustrations and the patterns were created noticing the most representative symbols  of every book, keeping the same graphic line among them but at the same time respecting the individuality of each separate story.

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