Identity design for AHL Commodities Exchange Limited
AHL Commodities Exchange (AHCX) is a new subsidiary company of Auction Holdings Limited. AHCX was established to provide a marketing platform for various agriculture commodities. The company required a new identity.
Below is my first concept based on the brief provided. It shows the identity as the company name abbreviation AHCX with an image of grain, the main commodity to be traded by the company, nestled between the C and the X.
AHCX liked the concept above but wanted images of arrows (depicting an exchange) to be made prominent in the design while maintaining the original elements of the concept.


I developed the next four concepts that show arrows incorporated in one form or another.
In this concept the X is made up of two arrows facing each other in different colours.
In this concept the arrows extend out from the A and the X to point in opposite directions.
In this concept the arrows are placed in front of the abbreviation.
In this concept the characters H and X are slightly modified to show arrows both pointing outwards.
AHCX settled for the concept with arrows extending from the A and X. The full name of the company was appended to the bottom of the logo. The identity colours are green to represent the crop that produces the agriculture commodity while the gold represents the money that the farmers receive for their produce.