Bohem Brewery Tap Room
The Mission:
To create a unique Tap Room for Bohem Brewery in London. 

My contribution:
-I developed the idea of a "Bohemian" Tap Room taking inspiration from the characteristic Parisian Cafés. The TapRoom, a  former shop, situated in Myddleton Road (N22), a Victorian shopping road, is full of live, very artistic and very... Bohemienne. Thus I had the idea to reproduced the 2 sides of the road, capturing the life and soul of Myddleton Rd. and the local community.

-Guidelines for the furniture
One side of Myddleton road, blue wall, preparatory study.
Below the Blue wall with the final mural.
At Work :)
Pizza Man, the State Agent, Bohem TapRoom, and some of the people who lived here in the the two ...mmmm... harlots who used to live (and work) here. I loved to study the history of the road, its lights and shadows, and create the murals, trying to capturing its soul.
To realize the murals I used acrylic colours and brushes, in order to control the thickness and transparency of every single stroke.
The other side of Myddleton road, golden wall, preparatory study.
Below the golden wall with the final mural.
Cafés and little shops. Everything that is present in Myddleton Rd, is here on the walls, transformed and elaborated to create a vision where past and present intertwine.
Blue and Gold are the two colours of Bohem logo (following the branding guides created by OchoMedia)
The mural is filled with characters and references to real people living and working in Myddleton Rd. Here "Victoria" the character I used for illustrating the beer with the same name produced by Bohem.
Bowes Park Community Garden, the earth of the road. The Butterfly, the symbol of the garden itself, is flying high on the sky. After years of "decay" Myddleton Rd. is blossoming again, transforming itself once more time....let's fly high! :)
Mr. Muscles and the heads of people frequenting the Gym peeping our from the matt glass window. (come and have a glimpse.. reality sometimes is more quirky than fiction!)
The Myddleton Rd. Mug Set I created with the preparatory drawings, and below the "reversible" Poster, every now and then you can turn it and decide which side of the road you want to have up and which down...
Bohem Brewery Tap Room

Bohem Brewery Tap Room

Concept, interior design, murals, logo, name of a Tap Room (little pub) in London


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