“The light plays on pure forms, and repays them with interest. Simple masses develop immense surfaces which display themselves with a characteristic variety according as it is a question of cupolas, vaulting, cylinders, rectangular prisms or pyramids.”

Le Corbusier, Towards a New Architecture, 1923.

The armony of “primary shapes” and “the spirit of mathematics”: quattrocubi is an extreme interpretation of the known Le Corbusier concept.
Studied proportions and clean geometrical structures are combined with materials of great value generating balance and aesthetic quality.

The basic unit of measure is 75 cm, which corresponds to the dimension of the basic module, a wireframe cube, upon which the entire object is shaped on. The selected basic unit keeps the table at its best height and can comfortably accommodate four to ten people, without modifying shape and proportions. The basement consists of two 75x75x75 wireframe cubes made of white steel, and the 3 meters top dimension is obtained by multiplication by four the basic cube.

The full surface of the top enhances the two empty cubes at the table base: made in Lapitec®, full bodied sintered stone with superior mechanical and physical properties, the top combines the aesthetic value with its big size.
The use of Lapitec® to empty the central part of the table, giving space for the legs of the sitting persons, and to void the wireframe cubes, making them habitable.