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    Advocacy Posters for the NRDC
“The poster is the prime field for experimenting with visual language. It is the scene of changing ideas and aesthetics, of cultural, social and political events.” - Pierre Bernard

Our first project of the semester was creating advocacy posters for an advocacy of our choosing. We began by looking at posters from the Graphic Imperative, which is a select retrospective of forty years of international sociopolitical posters. The 111 posters in this exhibition emphasize the issues of our turbulent times and endeavor to show the social, political, and aesthetic concerns of many cultures and divergent political realities.

After studying these famous posters we moved on to designing our own posters. We created two posters one using type and image and one using type as image. We were able to choose and research the following

1. The actual advocacy group that would sponsor the message

2. The specific issue/message of the poster

3. The targeted audience that the poster seeks to address

4. The remedy or action for the specific issue/problem.

My Group of Choice was the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). I choose the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans as my focus. My concept statement for the project was:

This poster focuses on the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and it affects on all marine life. Millions of pounds of plastics are thrown away every year and many of them make their way into the oceans. These plastics’ can then be consumed or cause injury to all types of marine life. By appeal to young adults who need a reason to recycle the plastic they use and not allow it to harm marine life in our oceans.

Type + Image:
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