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The Design below was done as part of the Wildlands Conservation Trust Save the Rhino Campaign, where we were asked to design the graphics for three quarter life size Rhino sculptures which we would then paint and they be auctioned off. The object of this is to try raise money to go towards tracking the Rhino's to prevent Poaching. I designed a Rhino for Patrick Lambie, A South African Springbok Rugby player. My Design made was one of the top 3 Designs chosen.
The Blue Background texture represents the rich shores of the Durban Beach
front, where Lambie enjoys surfing and spending his spare time. The blues
represent the view he would see when he does the `ducks dive' under the
The bush grass symbolises the African bushveld which is fundamental to all
life in Africa. It plays an iconic role in the country's image seen by the rest of
the world. The bush grass represents Lambie's childhood growing up in the
bush, his passion for nature and shows the Rhino in it's natural environment.
The "Wish it...Dream it... Do it...” Quote, finished off with a heart allows space
for when Lambie signs the Rhino. The heart symbolises his love and passion
not just for Rugby, but for his family and wildlife.
The Image of Lambie preparing to kick the rugby ball represents how this
Rhino is the start of Lambie’s journey to protect the Rhino. The preparation of
the ball, then the kicking and nally the ball going through the posts and
thus resulting in the winning of the game. This ‘game’ being to save the Rhino.
The eroding typography used for “SAVE IT”, symbolises the eroding away of
the Rhino as a species, it‘s legacy and its vital role in Africa’s wildlife. The
longer we leave this desperate situation the sooner the Rhino will have
The target on the horn represents the poaching of the Rhino. The red hand
mark symbolises the unnecessary and barbaric blood shed for the horn. The idea is that Pat Lambie puts his own red hard print on the target.
The Ox-Pecker bird is most often than not seen on the backs of Rhinos in the
wild. This bird is a subtle reminder of the circle of life. Without the Rhino this
bird not only looses a friend and safety but also a huge part of its life. Ideally I
envisage the Ox-Pecker to be a life size bird made from clay or resin and
placed onto the Rhino. Either where it is on my design, or on the Rhino’s ear
or back. I feel this will give Lambie’s Rhino a bit more of an edge.