Hey everyone, let me tell you a bit about ourselves.

My girlfriend and I embarked on this adventure called apricotberlin in the summer of 2015. We had just arrived in Berlin and decided to try our luck and pursue our dream of becoming "pro" photographers. Thinking back on it, sure, it was perhaps somewhat daring to enter an already saturated markt with hefty competition.

On top of that we didn't have any background in photography. Everything from composition and post processing to camera and lens knowledge we had to learn ourselves. 
TL;DR we just went for it and it was the best decision of our lives.

We shot this series in July 2015. This was our second ever photoshoot and to this day, we are still so immensely proud of it. The creatives at American Apparel saw our cinemagraph and featured it on several social media channels. All of a sudden we were there and brands started to notice us.