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    The Birth of Church, object by Ivan Venkov
The Birth of Church

 Object by Ivan Venkov

Theme - Science & Folklore for antianti.us

Statement - Mutilation and distortion

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the composition presents layering of contexts using the methodics of "spherical thinking", where the known elements and their semantics are combined to create new contextual content. More about spherical thinking on the upcoming website.
Torso robbed of limbs to defend itself, hanged and mutilated by the ideology whose stem arises from guilt, suppression and punishment. That is the Catholic Church.
The torso, removed from its archetypal position, decapitated and hanging as an arbitrary, decorative element under the cross, which has become a living object, drinking life
from the martyrish pendant.

Any humane and personal aspects of the body have been supressed and exploited
to satisfy the symbol which parasited on and devoured lives, that could
fill endless halls with blood.

The machinery perfected its artificial corpus into schemes beyond complex. 

Vanitas, overlooking & reigning

 In the middle of the cross, a golden apple pierced by the Holy Lance resides.

The omnipresent death was born, edge pierced the life, suffering
that never ceases.

Under the pierced apple, Fountain of life as well as of death fills the golden bowl.

 The grail filled with blood, as death filled with lives.

Two golden golden containers, guarded by dozens of eyes and thorns, sprout from the torso, bearing vessels with artifacts.
Right vessel carries one hair and the left vessel one tooth.

Artifacts, faint and doubtful, profanity of truth sealed by the omnipotence of fatuity.
The boundless parasite.
The precious bowl that can't be lifted.
Faith ceased by the smile that lasts forever.

more images to come.