Coca-Cola Product Packaging (Student work)

Coca-Cola is worldwide brand that is recognized by their trademark logo and beverage. Due to this, the company has yet to embrace new target audiences that may not be as apparent as the regular Coca-Cola consumer.

Solution: High-End Coca-Cola Bottles & Packaging

This new packaging would elevate the already existing brand with class and sophistication within an upperclass environment that a typical Coca-Cola would not be available at. This beverage would be available to non-alcoholic consumers who are looking for a recognizable and classy beverage that has the same aesthetic as a typical alcoholic drink. 
Preliminary Sketches

Theme: Art-Deco, Minimalism
Process: Throughout this process I had decided to go with a decorative packaging that could be seen in other wine and alcohol packaging. The sketches revolved around the idea of a wine packaging dieline in which the main surfaces were rectangular and geometric, I used this to my advantage in creating the art-deco feeling that comes such features.

This research and revisions led to the bottom sketches. Left: The ideation that later progressed into the actual version. Right: First revised sketches.
After creating the sketches, I created dielines prototypes to match the style and feel of what I wanted the packaging to look like.
Left: First dieline creation with reference to logomarks and ideation. Middle: First prototype of sketch Right: Finalized revision of ideation.
After revising and editing, the final product was created.
Finalized Packaging