Growing tired of all dull designed black smartphones I wanted to create one that didn´t look like all other ones and also with some smart implementations. Pow! is made of plastic and is meant to be durable as those old gaming controllers were. To add even more protection there is a removable silicon case that only covers the outer edge of the phone while still giving shock protection, scratch protection of both the front and back, prevent the phone from slipping and also adding personalization possibilities.

Front with silicon case attached
Front naked with groove for perfect case fit
Removable silicon case
The silicon case prevents the phone from sliding while still showing near all front and back. The small height difference between case and phone also protects the phone from scratches.
One proud Action button. Note the graphics around the microphone hole.
Ring flash for good close-up photographs.
Right side adjustment wheel
Left side and shutter button
Grey coloured plastic for the good ol´ toy feeling with matching colour scheme on buttons and case.
Art Deco (Miami) inspired colour scheme and phone in white plastic.