Super Bowl LI (2017) Look & Feel:
My task was to develop the look & feel for ESPN's SuperBowl LI VIP Program. The theme was location-based; so for the 2017 SuperBowl, we focused on Houston. My concept consisted of rich leather textures (inspired by cowboy boots; as well as the football itself), stamps, postcards and photos to convey the excitement of travelling to Houston. Each photo showed an activity that the attendees would have the opportunity to experience in Houston.

My creative director and I designed three Save-the-Dates, each with its own look & feel. Upon the client selecting their favorite (my concept, shown below), I designed an invitation email, responsive website and various printed materials including a brochure, credential and event signage.

Credential & Brochure Design:
My creative director and I designed several unique brochure options based on the concept. The chosen brochure concept featured a diecut front, with the team image visible through the front as if it were a postage stamp. It folds in a unique way, and is sized to fit into a shirt/pant pocket for convenience. Both the brochure and the credentials were personalized with the attendees' names and company.
Invitation Email:
Responsive Website:
Mobile Site: