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    The revolutionary LightDrive table lamp uses high-output LEDs, optical waveguides, and has no exposed hot surfaces.
About LightDrive

Combining cutting edge LED technologies with optical waveguides, the LightDrive table lamp challenges the norm and redefines performance, quality, and reliability. This contemporary bulb-less design uses specially engineered optics to channel light from the high‐power LEDs in the base to the top of the lamp where it is softly diffused. Heat is carefully managed via a system of machined aircraft grade aluminum components resulting in a lamp exterior that is neutral to the touch and with no exposed hotspots. The sculpted wooden bases are coated with automotive grade multi‐layer paint and clear coat.

Why is LightDrive Innovative?

At Radast Design, we are convinced that there is a better way to incorporate LED lighting in the home. Using the latest generation of LEDs with specially designed optical waveguides, we've developed a system to separate the light from the heat. In doing so, we've created a lighting system that is bright, maintenance-free, uses earth friendly components, has no exposed hot surfaces, and is unlike anything you've ever seen before.
Novel Design With Attention to Detail
By isolating the heat to the base of the lamp, we have engineered a more efficient thermal management solution without the contraints of working around the classic bulb-socket design. The result is a unique looking lamp which operates at only 13 Watts and has no exposed hot surfaces. Our lights sources are custom built from CREE XLamp series LEDs binned at a warm 2700K color temperature. Since the LED junction temperatures are maintained at their low rated values, they are expected to last their rated lifetime.

We used only the finest materials and high-end luxury finishes, and we scrutinized the design of every part (even the ones you don't see). Since the LEDs will last 15+ years, we've designed the rest of the lamp to last a lifetime and to look timeless. The thermal management components are precision machined out of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized black for thermal efficiency. The sculpted wood bases are finished with a luxurious, multi-layer automotive paint and durable clear coat. The clean and contemporary design incorporates the Golden Ratio throughout, and we purposefully balanced our use of glass, aluminum, and wood to achieve a measure of quality that is pleasing to both the eye and touch. We also took great care to use recyclable components.
Shade–16”D x 9”H

Wood Base: Pearl White, Pearl Black
Shade: Linen White, Deep Black
Metal Components: Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, Black Anodized

Power Consumption: 13W
Operating Voltage: 110V–220V
Light Source: Cree X‐Lamp LED Modules (Non User Replaceable), 2700K (Warm White)
Waveguide: Optical Grade Glass with Acrylic TIR Channel
Environment: Indoors (<85°F)

Custom Colors, Finishes, and Shade Options Available on Inquiry

5 Year Limited Part Replacement
Concept Renderings (color)