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    Part of graduation project of Vladimir Ondejcik at Hyperbody, Tu Delft awarded with honourable mention and grade (10/10)
The urban solution is reflexing changes neededin development of new cities’ extensions. Thecurrent master plans from Almere Pampus areaserved as informational base for new networkedsystem that is capable of changes in real time, asthis lacks in all current masterplans.The result is swarm based active system thatoperates on functional level of urbandevelopment. The created platform doesn’toperate on level of physical volume, butcontaines all information needed for developingfinal master plan for new area.Real time connection allowes also uniquepossibility, where planned building can react andcreate rules in masterplan in the same time.The system is based on general rules, and canbe theoretically used for any city extension.
Video: Networked Form-finding
Video: Dynamic Master Plan Tool