Design & Subculture
 (School Project)
The project objective is to introduce indie music to Singapore as they are unfamiliar with the style. The client that I chose is here is Baybeats. Why did I chose Baybeats? It's because they usually do an annual alternative music festival that showcases an eclectic range of folk, rock, pop, emo and etc. It is an annual 3 day alternative music festival that are 100% free. 

The style for the deliverables are based on the musicians' albums combined together. The first musician called Oh Land and second one is Florence & The Machine, both used photography for their album cover. Then, Kate Nash used illustration on her album cover. Lastly, Lykke Li who used vintage and washed out color for her album cover. So, that is how my design goes.

(The drawings at the posters are based on the lyrics of each singers' song)
Poster Series
Cd Template