The Tailors - Gentlemen Criminals
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    Hypothetical brand image of a criminal organization based on elegance and good manners instead of fear.
The Tailors
June 2012
This is the outcome of the Branding course I followed during my 6 months exchange period @Griffith University in Brisbane. The main purpose of the entire project is to develop a brand, completely different from the competitors, not just in a graphic way.
Tailors are a criminal organization that approaches crime in a different way. Instead of trying to be scary and rude, they try to generate empathy dressing themselves in an elegant way and using good manners.
The Tailors' logotype visually refers to the clean typography on the labels inside the tailored suits.


- Patterns -
Patterns are inspired by the elegant and handmade ties that well dressed man usually wear in order to highlight the elegance that is the mood of the whole identity project.
- Inspirational tie patterns - 

- Photographic Style -
To generate something unique all the images directly related to The Tailors should follow 3 simple, but strict rules of generation.
- Styleguide -
The Visual Id styleguide for all the application.

- Behavior Guide -
It's a kind of manual to become a Tailor, how to dress, behave in all the situations a criminal could fall into. It also has the purpose of creating sense of membership and pride of being part of something.

- Stationery & Web -