As a child i had no dreams. I had no goals, and I lived everyday like i would die tomorrow. Until one day it just hit me that i cant go on the way i am. I needed something to look forward to. A goal to achieve perhaps. And so i made a 5 point list of achievements i wanted to achieve in my career. I started them one by one and while being on the second goal which was to gain experience at a company after my fashion Diploma i came across something so unplanned! My inspiration for the next goal in my life. My Design Label. I found an image that was on the cover of a book that for some reason didn't ever escape my mind. And so being the creative person i am just happened to stumble upon an idea that i could have used that image as inspiration. So i worked on it. I used it and then created my brand based on it. And now i own a label i wouldn't have ever dreamt i could in a million years, back when i was a dreamless child just growing up! Hold on to your idea when you find it.You'll never know what it may inspire you to become.  

The identity of the brand was the inspiration to the first collection.
The Inspirational Concept
The Collection Shoot
If you are all familiar with my profile on Behance you would by now know that every fashion shoot i have uploaded was that of myself both in front of the camera and the one taking the shots itself. I have had a keen focus on developing my self photography and over the years practiced with just any concept i could build on. I hoped i could one day do it profesionally and thought what better way to achieve that than to use that on my own collection shoots! and so i attempted my first professional fashion self photography shoot, i would like to think was my best ever yet.

i hope you enjoy this project for not only what it shows to be as an end product but for what it is for its personal journey through a simple idea to every tough dicison made to make a dream come true!
The Finer Details
The Labelling 
The Packaging
The End