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    Recruitment campaign for ExxonMobil. Bright people light up among bright people.
“Flinke folk blir flinkere blandt flinke folk” or “Bright people light up among bright people” is a recruitment campaign ExxonMobil to get new bright people to join the company. The campaign as people in focus, visualizing how two great minds together is better than one. ExxonMobil has people with deep insight and experience in their fields, so new people joining the company will gain new experience from the experts while contributing new thoughts themselves. The people photographed are people who work for ExxonMobil in Norway, so this is also works as a tribute to their employees.

For the campaign we created a promotional video, newspaper ads, a brochure and decoration for ExxonMobil’s offices. The decoration enhanced the overlapping of the two heads by printing it on pexiglas, one head printed on each side so it created an interesting actual overlapping of the heads.

Client: ExxonMobil
Idea, design and screenplay by Procontra
Animation by Werksemd

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