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    Pantone Zen for Work.
For many productivity and relaxation are completely incompatible terms. Can't be more wrong. In fact, relaxing is critical for "resetting" our minds and preparing them for an effective and satisfying period of productivity.
Tiredness and stress build up throughout the week. That is why it is convenient to rest the weekend. The same happens throughout the day, and that is why it is necessary to stop and relax, so that the time spent on the tasks, gives better results.
Enjoying free time is a good way to relieve stress and be more productive. However, the main problem with using leisure time for stress relief is that we only have a limited amount of this time during the day. What's more, many people barely include it in their agenda. Even the time to eat is limited.
For this reason, it is advisable to have on hand elements that make the routine, something more bearable, or, look for activities that in a short time will help you relax.

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