Smart Fitness

Here's a chunky bit of insight: Users who do a few workouts in their first week, stick around longer. Makes sense right? Let's use that insight to improve our product. 

1. First, we want new users to be placed into the right program. 
2. If they are unhappy, move them into something better, based on their feedback.
User Flows
We have a lot of devices. And many ways to sign up.
Figuring out the sequence. How might an intake survey work with plan selection? Will it impact take-rates?
The intake survey had to be flexible to support different question types, and work on different platforms (mobile, web, tv).
After a user finishes their workout, the plan was to 'prompt' them to leave feedback. From that feedback, we could organize some recommendations.
Interactions & Visuals
The form and function of the intake survey
Introducing the ability to rate workouts.
How might we prompt users to leave feedback?
Components ready to use.
It turned out our users really liked a more guided, thoughtful introduction to the product. We've seen meaningful increases in our primary metrics (trial conversion, workout completions), and we've been able to collect much more data, to create a more personalized experience.
We now collect hundreds of responses everyday. We use these to craft the show, and make the best workouts possible.
Intake survey available on all devices.
Post workout survey - and smart recommendations.