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Unified Workout Detail

Daily Burn produces fitness content. Our customers stream that content into their living rooms and get fit. As we expanded onto new platforms (and screen sizes), our design system supporting that content started to fall apart.
Fonts, buttons, content, icons, functionality – All inconsistent.

Responsive, scalable, consistent. These were a few of our design principles for the project. We focused on two core screens. The workout detail screen, where users can see more info about a workout. Also the home view, where we show rows of relevant workouts.
How might all our platforms share similar components?
Iterating the metadata view on mobile screens.
Growing a shared component library

Brand, visual and functional consistency across all our platforms. Better experience for our users, also a big decrease in maintenance time, and faster to launch new improvements. The app performs better, and it gives us a more flexible system for future features.
Responsive and consistent across all screens and devices.